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Automation Solutions for London, Ontario

by mptinc on December 11, 2014 in Custom Automated Equipment with Comments Off on Automation Solutions for London, Ontario

MPT Inc. designs and builds automation solutions for industrial manufacturing processes in London, Ontario. Automated processes include but are not limited to forming, machining, assembly, testing, moving, and packaging items.

Our skilled team provides automation solutions to London Ontario and surrounding areas for any process that can benefit from automation.  This includes automation for the automotive parts manufacturers, food and beverage, material handling, water / waste water treatment systems, and window / door manufacturing industries. Our automation equipment is developed, tested and delivered in a production ready state. We provide extensive documentation and any information used to build your project, ensuring maximum up-time. This philosophy carries throughout our programming and H.M.I.’s to provide an extensive diagnostics package for your review.

Many years of Automation Experience

Established over twenty five years ago, MPT has survived the ups and downs of the manufacturing industry in Ontario.  MPT treats all customers and projects with fairness, we pride ourselves by providing honest service and only quality Automated Solutions with good value.

Located in Southern Ontario, we are your local automation solution designer, able to provide custom automated equipment to London, Ontario.  MPT has also delivered automated solutions to many countries including the USA, Mexico, Korea, China, as well as providing automated solutions internationally, we are your local solution able to provide custom automated equipment to London, Ontario.

Individuals that we have worked with over the years continue to call upon MPT as they move from company to company throughout their career, a repeat customer is our most successful growth strategy.

What you can expect

Our automation solutions are robust and well documented. Upon completion of your project, all documents developed are provided in the final documentation package. MPT does not endeavour to provide the lowest priced Automation Solutions to London Ontario, but aims to create the very best in value.

Our designs focus on:

  • Increase your productivity
  • Improve your quality
  • Lower your overall production cost
  • Minimize your downtime and maintenance operations
  • Reduce scrap materials
  • Minimize your setup and changeover times
  • Provide as many future upgrade options as possible
  • Limit ergonomic issues
  • Improve safety

If you have a concept to discuss or are not sure where to start to create a solution, contact MPT to be your partner in the development of your automated manufacturing projects for London Ontario.

Call us to discuss our automation solutions today 519.683.6122