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Premier Automation Solutions for Strathroy, Ontario

by mptinc on January 5, 2015 in Custom Automated Equipment with Comments Off on Premier Automation Solutions for Strathroy, Ontario

Strathroy, Ontario manufacturers can count on MPT Inc. to design and build premier Automation Solutions to increase plant productivity. The advantages offered by automation can include: reduced process variation, protection for workers from safety hazards, and production at a predictable rate, and can be applied to machining, forming, assembly, testing, moving, packaging and more.

Our skilled team of experts is ready to partner with you in the development of your Strathroy, Ontario automated manufacturing projects. We’ve been creating automation solutions that span many industries from automotive manufacturing, to window and door manufacturing, to food and beverage processing and everything in between. For any industry, we deliver equipment that developed and fully tested to be production ready. We prepare you to operate and maintain your new equipment by supplying extensive build information and documentation for your project.

Many Years of Automated Solutions

Established as a partnership over twenty years ago, MPT has survived the peaks and valleys of the manufacturing industry in Ontario. We treat all customers and projects fairly and we take pride in providing honest service, good value, and excellence in Automated Solutions.

From our location in Southern Ontario, we are the local automation solution designer with the experience to provide custom automated equipment to Strathroy, Ontario. We are also an international supplier who has delivered automated solutions to many countries including the USA, Mexico, China and Korea.

We’re proud of our most successful growth strategy – a repeat customer. We have had many individuals we worked with over the years call upon MPT again and again as they move from company to company during their career, knowing they can trust our performance.

Giving top value

Our goal at MPT is to utilize a complete approach that gives top value in Automation Solutions to Strathroy, Ontario. The custom automated processes we develop are built tough and are well documented. We supply a final documentation package upon project’s completion that includes all of the documents related to its fabrication. We plan to be the best value, we don’t try to be the cheapest option.

The focus of our designs is these critical areas:

  • Greater production output
  • Product quality improvement
  • Diminished overall production costs
  • Decreased maintenance and reduced downtime
  • Slashed scrap material generation
  • Shortened setup and changeover times
  • Adaptability to future upgrades
  • Design for ease of use
  • Optimal health & safety

If you have no idea where to start, or have a highly developed concept, you can discuss automation with us. The MPT team can help you consider the goals and objectives for an automated solution for your Strathroy, Ontario manufacturing process.

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