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Stratford, Ontario’s Top Automation Solution Source

by mptinc on January 5, 2015 in Custom Automated Equipment with Comments Off on Stratford, Ontario’s Top Automation Solution Source

We are the top Automation Solution source for Stratford, Ontario manufacturers who want to increase production output.  MPT Inc. can design and build manufacturing automation for processes that include forming, machining, assembly, testing, moving, and packaging, and offer benefits that include: substituting variable labour costs with controllable capital costs, protecting workers from safety hazards, and reducing cycle times.

If your Stratford, Ontario manufacturing facility has processes that you think could advance with automation, consider the vast array of automation solutions we’ve developed for multiple industries including food and beverage processing, automotive parts manufacturers, material handling, water / waste water treatment systems, and window / door manufacturing. Your equipment will be designed, developed and tested to land on your production floor ready for work. You’ll be prepared for maximum up-time when you receive all the information and documentation we created to build your project. You will also have access to our programming and H.M.I.’s to provide a complete diagnostics package for your assessment.

Recognized Automation Expertise

Even while the manufacturing industry in Ontario had its fluctuations over the past twenty plus years, MPT has been able to navigate through the changes. Our strength is in treating all customers and projects fairly and providing honest service and good value as integral parts of Automated Solution excellence.

We are located in Southern Ontario, a local automation designer able to design and build custom automated equipment to suit the needs of Stratford, Ontario manufacturers. Not only have we delivered many automated solutions locally, MPT has provided equipment internationally to our North American neighbours in the USA, and Mexico, and to Korea, and China, in Asia.

Our growth and success is based on a foundation of trust we have built over the years with individuals who continue to call upon MPT as they move from company to company during their careers. We’re proud to have the confidence of our repeat customers.

Best available value

It’s our policy to give Stratford, Ontario the best available value in Automation Solutions. MPT automation solutions are well made and well documented and we ensure that you are well equipped to familiarize yourself with your new automation. When your project is complete we supply a final documentation package of the drawings and documents used to build it. We aspire to be your highest value option, not the lowest price.

Expect these key benefits from our designs:

  • Increased production yield
  • Better product quality
  • Lessened production costs
  • Reduced downtime and decreased maintenance
  • Decreased scrap material yield
  • Minimized setup and changeover times
  • Ready for future upgrade options
  • Optimal ergonomic design
  • Safety optimization

You can count on MPT to help you determine how your manufacturing process could be improved through automation. MPT can walk you through the process of understanding the problem and be your partner in the development of automated solutions for your Stratford, Ontario manufacturing process.

Learn how we can provide your automation solutions by calling 519.683.6122 today.