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Automated Solutions

Today’s Global economy requires innovative solutions to ensure ongoing profitability.

We know that yesterday’s solution is no solution for your company’s need today & tomorrow.

MPT offers custom engineered manufacturing solutions to increase productivity and quality. This includes all aspects of the project development; the design, the fabrication, the machining, the integration of purchased and custom components, assembly, wiring, programming and process integration of the equipment. Since we manufacture each system according to the customer’s unique specifications, MPT does not have any set product lines, although developed technology is leveraged across similar applications.

Six Steps To A Successful Project

The Quotation:
Based on your well thought out scope of work, a site visit and perhaps a sample of the production part, we provide a detailed and comprehensive proposal leaving little doubt as to expectations.

Project Launch Meeting:
Project Manager from M.P.T. meets with your people to start the project off on the right foot.

Design Review:
Extremely essential to achieving the desired goals on time and on budget. At this time, we would like to meet with your team members including production, quality, safety and maintenance staff to review the design and make any necessary changes. A change at this point can have little or no effect on price or delivery.

Machine Run Off At Our Facility:
You and your staff are encouraged to witness the runoff at M.P.T. Last minute adjustments are made if necessary and machine is ready for shipment.

Commissioning And Training:
After the equipment is delivered, we provide qualified personnel to start up and train your staff on the new equipment.

Documentation Package:
Attention to details from quotation to completion gets M.P.T. the first job, our documentation package is a strong reason for repeat business. You will be given two sets of documentation including operating instructions, trouble shooting guide, screen instructions, preventative maintenance schedule, spare parts list, complete mechanical, fluid power and electrical CAD and any special documentation.