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Ergonomic Solutions

MPT has developed several projects in response requests for ergonomic solutions. We can deliver specialized solutions to eliminate material handling ergonomic and health & safety issues.

The ergo feeder is a robust customizable pick and place solution. Typically it is used to unload or load bins with metal parts. This prevents injury to personnel typically assigned to move the parts. It can have a variety of options integrated to inspect parts to be supplied to your process.

Available options include:

  • Shear Edge Detection – determines shear and breakaway edges
  • Flippers – ensure correct part presentation to next step
  • Correct Orientation – detection and manipulation based on part features
  • Reject chutes – eliminate out of spec parts prior to adding value
  • Part weight – eliminate out of spec parts or provide tooling offsets
  • Part thickness – eliminate out of spec parts or provide tooling offsets
  • Tote shuttles – automatically replace empty totes or to fit in constrained spaces
  • Test, measurement and inspection functions
  • Other custom features to solve your problems