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About MPT Inc.


M.P.T. Inc. began as a partnership operating from a garage in 1990.  Initial services were electrical controls troubleshooting and PLC programming with panel design and build, and machine wiring.  In 1993 a larger location  was found, with (coincidentally) an adjoining independent machine shop business.  In 1996, the company purchased and moved to a location that was eight times larger to accommodate our growing staff. The focus evolved from electrical controls systems design, to complete electrical and mechanical design projects.

The purchase of our current 16,000 sq. ft facility in 1999  allowed MPT to bring its mechanical build operations under the same roof to better serve our customers.


MPT offers custom engineered manufacturing solutions to increase plant productivity. This includes all aspects of the project development; the design, the fabrication, the machining, the integration of purchased and custom components, assembly, wiring, programming and process integration of the equipment. Since we manufacture each system according to the customer’s unique specifications, MPT does not have any set product lines, although developed technology is leveraged across similar applications.

OUR design FOCUS is to create the best solution for YOU to:

  • Increase your productivity
  • Improve your quality
  • Lower your overall production cost
  • Minimize your downtime and maintenance operations
  • Minimize your setup and changeover times
  • Give as many future upgrade options as possible

Leading to increased competitive positioning  and increased profits for your company. Our equipment is designed, developed and tested to land on your floor in production ready state. Documentation is key to equipment life cycle robustness. We provide you with all the information we created to build your project to ensure maximum equipment up-time. This same philosophy carries through in our programming and H.M.I.’s to provide you with an extensive diagnostics package.